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What is UTRADE?


Utrade Protocol: a clearing system based on distributed ledger

Utrade is committed to using blockchain to transform the traditional derivatives OTC market and establish a decentralized clearing system, utilizing transaction on-chain and information on-chain to unblock the data flow in global trading platforms data, while helping each distributed brokerage to share liquidity, share the data, and ensure fund security, information security as well as authentic and credible transaction records.

UTP Vision

First Regulated Crypto CFD Exchange
UTRADE is committed to becoming the world's leading derivatives trading platform, providing more convenient and diversified financial instruments for investment, risk hedging, and liquidity so as to create multi-level trading in the digital asset market.
Decentralized Clearing and Liquidity Sharing Protocol
The UTRADE Protocol will create a decentralized OTC ecosystem to help thousands of OTC brokers and exchanges around the world use the same underlying clearing and account protocol to share liquidity,lowering the OTC technology and trust barriers.
Full-asset Distributed On-chain Trading
UTP will give rise to OTC settlement business for digital assets/securities/futures industries, bring up investment and financing business for the mortgage/credit industries, and build a globalized full-asset OTC ecological community.

Token Economy

Daily profit dividend
Deduct Commision
Node fund voting/election
Invest Global Fund
Brokerage margin
Market-maker credit

Distribution plan

The credit limit of the feedback tokens from the community is 51%. Based on the idea of token economy, the exchange becomes the trader's own exchange, and the community governance is completed by all the UTP holders through smart contract voting.
How to get feedback tokens:
The user’s registration / invitation / deposit get a reward of tokens;
The daily trading commission will be returned to the user in the form of 50% legal ledger + 50% tokens on the next day;
Global Smart Fund follows will make acquisition of tokens;
Quantitative trading system sharing makes acquisition of tokens.


The UTP team members come from the University of London, Tsinghua University, and Taipei University. They have founded a derivative broker scoring USD 10 billion for the trading volume on the launch day. Having ever worked in such top-grade financial institutions as Citibank, LME, Nomura Securities, and Standard Chartered Bank, sporting rich experience in the operation of derivative business and system, the team is committed to building the world's most open, transparent and efficient OTC derivatives trading ecosystem based on blockchain.
Dr.Kappai, PhD
The originator
Head of the the Far East and European Markets and Business Intelligence Department, IG Group, responsible for marketing, budget management, sales, trading, and performance model development
Senior Manager of the London office of Yahoo, responsible for online analysis and marketing
Awarded the Most Valuable Broker of the European Foreign Exchange Retail Industry in 2012
Doctorate degree from the University of Toronto
Iris Cheung
Founding the Derivatives Platform serves 200,000 users on a peak day, with a daily trading volume of USD 10 billion
Deloitte, Standard Chartered Bank, and investment banking business
Finance MBA degree from Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business
Graduate of Department of Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University
Kalvin Chan
Chief Technology Officer
Successful entrepreneur for 10 consecutive years in developing multiple sets of games, financial software and blockchain systems
Employed in Microsoft and Oracle
Department of Computer Science, Taipei University
Mark Lee
Chief Operating Officer
In charge of the Asia Pacific operations at a world's top derivatives trading platform
Chief Trader in the secondary market at Swift Trader
Specialized in global derivatives design and operation

Compared with the traditional derivatives system

Eliminate fraudulent
NO/High difficulty
Eliminate default transactions
NO/High difficulty
Low efficiency / authenticity hard to guarantee
Transaction efficiency
Transaction costs
Cross-platform trading
NO/High difficulty
NO/High difficulty
Fund & Asset management
NO/High difficulty


全球差价合约衍生品交易平台UTP获得ZB capital、创业工场等多家资本投资



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UTP Trading Platform Beta version released for trading



TIS Beta version available online

TCs official clearing and settlement in real trading scenarios



Online TMs Smart Fund Transaction Management System



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